Cashmere Road Rides

  • Fruit Loops Part I – a classic valley route on mostly very quiet orchard roads.  Expect many short hills, some a bit steeper and a variety of scenery.  Fruit tree blossoms in May can be spectacular near Dead Man Hill and Johnson roads.  Great views of the Enchantment Peaks can be seen while traveling towards Leavenworth on North Road.
  • Ollala Canyon – a great climb, that isn’t too difficult and provides a twisty descent.
  • Nahahum Canyon – almost identical to Ollala in length and gain, but is a much broader open canyon.
  • Mission Creek – a relaxing stretch of road that gently ascends before turning to gravel.

Route GPS File Downloads

GPS data that can be downloaded and imported into your GPS device is available for the routes listed below. If no routes are listed, no data is available. The .zip files listed include the GPS data file in .gpx format and a text file with basic instructions for various devices. DO NOT rely on these data files for all your navigation needs. Carry a map and know where your at all times. Have fun and ride safe!